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dayz update 1.8 changelog
dayz update 1.8 changelog

Cela ne mange pas de pain, voici les modifs de la dernière version de Dayz. Changelog complet à cette adresse. ----------- Changes V1.8.6.1   Changelog Von GhostRat (24. Oktober DayZ Epoch Changelog English. Von GhostRat (7. Februar DayZ Mod Update 1.8. Von GhostRat (15. DB SQL Prerequisites - Battleye Filters must be updated manually by server admins. Changes . Inventory, weapon swapping and zombie changes are what I m UPDATED - Players may now switch seats while in a helicopter (back seat,  Есть список изменений с сайта разработки мода. om/4-Space/4-Space/commits/master И есть список Updated - All security checks (anti-teleport, plant texture, variable hacks, timeshift, player object) can still be disabled with the variable  Changes NEW - New Player UI (Eat, Drink, Blood Icons, Sound/Sight icons). FIXED - Updated all zed movement systems to fall in line with the re-added  DayZ Overwatch v0.1.8 Changelog - posted in DayZ The GSN DayZ Overwatch server will be updated shortly. Source. Dayz Overwatch is now  This mod has been updated by Vokeez, all credit to modder. Visit the original and then install. Downloads Changelog Installer Instructions How to Install Mod 

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